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Welcome to Yellow Path

What is Yellow Path?

Five-Element Acupuncture Training 'at your fingertips'

Access 45 + hours of original online filmed content including all Five-Element theory and clinical skills.

  • If you're interested in becoming an acupuncturist then our undergraduate programme is your first step on this life-changing path.

  • If you're a qualified practitioner, our postgraduate learning options will take you on an exciting spiral journey of professional development.

  • Or if you are simply curious to learn more about Five-Element Acupuncture, we've got something for you!
  • What is Five-Element Acupuncture?

    Five-Element Acupuncture is a system of medicine that balances the body, mind and spirit. The underlying philosophy states that the universe is made up of one vital life-force (qi) manifesting as five distinct elements: water, wood, fire, earth and metal. When the elements are balanced, order is maintained. When there is an imbalance, symptoms appear. By diagnosing the cause, the acupuncturist stimulates acupuncture points with fine needles to restore the natural balance.

    What's on offer

    • 24/7 Learning

      The beauty of our online library of original content, is that the material is available to you 24/7.

    • Multi-disciplinary Teaching

      Live Zoom Q&A sessions, in-person workshops, online film content, face to face events and weekends away are all part of our teaching as well as peer, mentor and academic support.

    • Payment Plans

      Our flexible payment plan for the Undergraduate programme allows you to spread the cost of each module over six months or pay for the entire course upfront and receive a 10% discount.

    • World-renowned Faculty

      We are proud to say that our teachers are some of the best in the world. With a combined total of 50 clinical years and 45 teaching years, it’s hard to find more experienced practitioners to learn from.

    What are the gifts of being a Five-Element Acupuncturist?

    • A deeper understanding of who you are, how the world works and the impact you can make in life

    • A passion that allows you to play an important role in the transformation and healing of others

    • All the tools to create a successful business that works around you

    • A fulfilling career that never gets boring

    • Become part of a diverse community of like-minded individuals

    Undergraduate Programme

    our course covers the theory, philosophy and clinical skills required to become a professional Five-Element Acupuncturist


    “The training is intensive and the learning is tough at times but the support is there throughout. This course has been life-changing for me and I couldn’t be more grateful to Gerad, Johnny and their wonderful team of supervisors for allowing me to give others the gift of five-element acupuncture.”

    Beverley Reeves

    “This course has truly changed my whole perspective on life. There are few teachers that can hold their students for hours on end but Gerad is a natural communicator who is clearly a master of this tradition and what he and the team have managed to impart to us during our time together, is incredible.”

    Alex Charles

    ““Gerad’s teaching is passionate, simple yet extremely profound and practical. The learning style is so experiential - it’s such a treat for the heart. I am still in awe at how it has helped me build confidence with hands-on skills in the shortest possible time. This intensive course is truly one of a kind! I am very grateful!””

    Yiye Zhang

    Gerad's Acknowledgements  

    I would like to express my deep gratitude to JR and JB Worsley, my former teachers, for their guidance, enthusiastic encouragement and their dedication to the preservation and teaching of this system of medicine. 

    I would also like to thank all of my teachers from the College of Traditional Acupuncture and in particular Niki Bilton who supported me in my early years in practice. 

    Thanks to Peter Fleming and Ann Farley for helping me learn how to ‘listen’, Johnny Childs, Mary Ellen Klee and Wren Winfield for all her support and all of my patients and students who have been instrumental in helping me learn my craft and give me the confidence to share the material here at Yellow Path.

    Finally, I wish to thank my family and friends for their support and encouragement throughout my years in practice.