Why study with Yellow Path?

Step into the exciting world of becoming a Five-Element Acupuncturist

  • The Impact

    We all need purpose and to know that what we do in our life has a positive impact. Entering into this profession is a beautiful way to be of service to others and the world at large

  • Personal Growth

    This tradition requires that you become an 'instrument of nature'. By developing your senses and paying attention to the natural cycles of life, so too, do you grow.

  • Teaching Standard

    Our faculty is made up of some of the best Five-Element teachers in the world. With a combined total of over 200 clinical and teaching years it’s hard to find more experienced practitioners/teachers to learn from.

  • Mature Student Fast-Track Study

    We offer a fast-track programme for mature students who have the time, passion and dedication to graduate in two years.

  • Multidisciplinary Teaching

    Monthly (Fri-Sun) in-person classes and our original online film library accessible 24/7. You have your own personal mentor and academic support for the written work. It doesn't get more well rounded than this.

  • Discount and Monthly Payment Plan

    To make it cheaper for you, you can pay for the entire course upfront and receive a 10% discount. You can also spread the cost of your training with our monthly payment plan.

September 2023 Intake Now Open

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Course Overview

Course structure:

The programme consists of 4 modules - each teaching theory, philosophy, diagnosis, location of acupuncture points and clinical skills. All modules are taught online and in-person.

Online learning: pre-recorded lectures, support from teachers and mentors and interaction with peers through the Yellow Path Community Forum.

In-person: Monthly (Fri-Sun) classes covering clinical skills, point location, the Chinese pulses, sensory development, clinical observations, and supervised treatments (Module 4 only).

Watch Intro Video

Watch the first class of Module 1

1.01 Becoming an Acupuncturist

Programme duration and required hours:

The entire training takes 2 years. Each cohort starts in the Autumn and in the Spring (next intake September 2023). Modules 1-3 are taught online and in-person and Module 4 is your hands-on clinical training in London.

The entire programme (4 Modules) consists of a total of 1,305 hours. 972 hours of compulsory contact time and 333 hours of additional study (which needs to be organised by the student).

Breakdown of hours for each of our first three modules.:

Modules 1-3 (compulsory contact hours for each module):

126 hours at 6 monthly (Fri-Sun) class days

40 hours of online classes (20 hours of films that need to be watched a minimum of twice)

6 hours of mentor and academic support

15 hours of clinical observations


Additional home-study hours:

40 hours of point location practice

40 hours of pulses and sensory development (informal practice)

60 hours of creating your portfolio.


Module 4 (clinical training)

Module 4 (compulsory contact hours):

168 hours supervised treatments and observations

42 Hours at the introduction and conclusion workshops

6 hours mentor and academic support


Additional home-study hours:

60 hours of creating your portfolio (case studies)

40 hours of point location practice



The hours required to graduate equate to a minimum of 12 hours a week spread over two years. It is essential you realistically have the time and focus to meet this commitment to study before considering applying for a place on our programme.


Throughout your training we need to assess your progress. To start, we need to be sure that you have built a solid foundation of knowledge and experience. Each subsequent module builds on this foundation and the ongoing assessments provide us with evidence of your hard work and encourage you to keep going until you reach your goal of becoming a licensed practitioner.

Meet the Yellow Path Team


Gerad Kite

Director & Acupuncturist

Gerad Kite is an Acupuncture Master (Ac.M) with 30 years clinical experience. He is a recognised leader in the field of infertility, an author of two (health related) books and is an internationally respected practitioner and teacher of Five-Element Acupuncture.

Johnny Childs

Clinical Director and Acupuncturist

Johnny is a licensed acupuncturist (Lic.Ac) and apprenticed under Gerad Kite. He currently works alongside Gerad at the Wimpole Street clinic, and while welcoming patients with all kinds of symptoms, he is an expert in providing acupuncture treatment for people looking for help with fertility.

Caroline Hammond (Lic.Ac.) (M.AFEA)

Academic Support & Acupuncturist

After over 30 years working in education, Caroline, having witnessed the rewards of acupuncture for herself, decided to add to her skill set by training as a Five-Element acupuncturist. She has always had an interest in helping people, through education and now with acupuncture and her role at Yellow Path as academic support perfectly blends these two passions along with her long experience. Caroline has her own acupuncture practice in Havant, Hampshire and is the main academic support for all of our students and a support to the mentors.


Mia Kawada (Lic.Ac.) (M.AFEA)

Acupuncturist, Supervisor & Mentor

Mia Kawada graduated with distinction from the London Institute of Five-Element Acupuncture (Lifea) where she trained under Gerad Kite for 3 years. After the graduation Mia was one of the graduates hired to work at the Gerad Kite clinic and has been a full time member of the team ever since. She is part of the teaching team and a mentor to past and current students.

Grace Elliston (Lic.Ac.) (M.AFEA)

Acupuncturist, Supervisor & Mentor

Grace trained as a Five Element Acupuncturist in 2016 on the first of Gerad & Johnny's new licentiate course. She has since gone on to found The Elements Project with her partner and friend Georgie Ireland. Together they run a burgeoning practice in South London dealing primarily with the mental and spiritual wellbeing of millennials. Furthermore, Grace helped turn the dream of Yellow Path into a reality by spearheading the creation of this site.

Georgie Ireland (Lic.Ac.) (M.AFEA)

Acupuncturist, Supervisor & Mentor

Georgie trained as a Five Element Acupuncturist in 2017 on the second of Gerad & Johnny's new licentiate course. She has since gone on to found The Elements Project with her partner and friend Grace Elliston. Together they run a burgeoning practice in South London dealing primarily with the mental and spiritual wellbeing of millennials.


  • Mentor support

    Phone/email contact and 3 hours of 1:1 in-person or online meetings per module.

  • Academic support

    3 hours of 1:1 online contact to support your learning needs.

  • Email support

    Email access to our administration and your mentor throughout the entire programme.

  • Peer support

    Our Undergraduate Forum is an online meeting place for teachers and students.

Still not sure?

If you’re still curious but not ready to start, why not purchase An Introduction To Five-Element Acupuncture film bundle (12 films) and just sit back and enjoy. If you then feel inspired and would like to formally train at a later date, we will credit the cost of the bundle to your first year's fees.


  • You will be awarded the Licentiate in Acupuncture and permission to use the designatory letters ‘Lic.Ac.’

  • You will have the knowledge, experience and skills to start treating patients

  • You will feel confident in how to set up your own practice and have full professional indemnity insurance.

  • You will automatically join the Association of Five-Element Acupuncturists (a member of the British Acupuncture Federation) and the Complementary Therapies Association

  • You will be able to join the postgraduate community and continue developing your knowledge and clinical skills with Yellow Path


Fees and Payment Schedule.

Tuition for entire two-year training - £17,950.00

Payment Schedule. On acceptance to the course a non-refundable deposit of (£2,693.00) is required to secure your place. The balance (£15,257.00) is a financial commitment for the entire training training and can be spread over 24 monthly payments of £635.00 payable from the course start-date. 

The total cost (£17,950.00) is discounted by 10% if you pay for the entire course upfront.

Additional necessary costs are:

Insurance = £60.00

First Aid certificate = Approx £75.00

Equipment, e.g. point locater and point location book (details given once you have signed up) are approximately £400.00.


“I had been interested in learning more about this wonderful system for many years. I discovered Gerad’s apprenticeship and finally decided that it was time to follow a new vocation. It is a fast track programme, not because Gerad believes in short cuts, but because he is committed to the principle of life-long learning and that the only way to become a practitioner is to practice.”

Nicky Douglas

“The training exceeded all expectations. The teaching was delivered clearly and passionately, with great humility and authenticity.”

Joo Teo

“I was initially nervous about studying in a short, intensive course. But from day one, Gerad, Johnny and their team’s unwavering passion and enthusiasm, crystal-clear teaching, and the wonderful, supportive community they've created in France have meant I've learnt and retained more than I ever have in any traditional academic course. The mentor structure has given me the confidence to immediately go out and begin to set up my own practice, always knowing I've got someone to turn to for support and guidance. If you're considering doing this apprenticeship, just do it. It's honestly life changing! ”

Emily Bone-Fiore

How can I find the best training?

a simple guide to finding the best acupuncture training and building a successful practice

Regulation in the UK:

There is currently no statutory regulation of acupuncture in the UK, but many non-medical acupuncture practitioners are required to register with their local authority. This is because of the risk of blood-borne infections from piercing the skin with acupuncture needles. The same rules also cover tattooing and body piercing.

The Yellow Path 'Licentiate in Acupuncture' (Lic.Ac.) certificate is a private arrangement between the provider (Yellow Path LLP) and the student.

Upon receiving your licentiate you will be eligible to join the Association of Five-Element Acupuncturists (AFEA) who are members of the British Acupuncture Federation and the Complimentary Therapist Association (CThA). There are a number of other acupuncture organisations in the UK that practitioners can join if they hold certain qualifications and agree to work according to certain codes of practice. The Licentiate in Acupuncture certificate does not give automatic entry to any of these other organisations. If you wish to join one of them, an independent application must be made.

Postgraduate learning:

Being "in practice", means to master your craft as you work with your patients. It's great to know that Yellow Path provides the ongoing support you will need. Our postgraduate programmes give you immediate access to peers and teachers and provide you with the support you will need as a successful, Five-Element acupuncturist.

COVID-19 update:

Yellow Path's film library was created in response to COVID-19 to ensure our existing and future students are able to continue their training. We will continue to endeavour to fulfil all commitments of face-to-face classes and events but this will be dependent on any future changes in government guidelines. Any face-to-face classes will require adherence to wearing a mask, social distancing and temperature check on arrival, should government regulations mandate this practice.