What is Yellow Path?

Yellow Path is the amalgamation of everything we've learned about Five-Element philosophy, theory and practice and we're delighted to share it with you. It’s a resource for people who are simply curious; for people who would like to become acupuncturists and for existing practitioners who want to learn more.

The ‘Yellow’ in our name refers to the Yellow Emperor, born around 2700BC. He was the first emperor and leader of China and the author of the Huangdi Neijing, an authoritative text that is the foundation of Five-Element acupuncture. The Yellow Emperor asked his physician to ensure these teachings are "easy to learn, difficult to forget and accessible for future generations".This is what Yellow Path is about.

For more information on the history of Five-Element acupuncture, please listen to the audio presentation, 'The Foundational Roots of Five-Element Acupuncture' in our free film bundle.

Who is Gerad Kite?

Gerad Kite (Ac.M)

Gerad Kite is one of the UK's leading Five-Element acupuncturists, a teacher and author with 30 years clinical experience.

He received his licence to practice (Lic.Ac.) in 1990 and was awarded his Acupuncture Master (Ac.M.) certificate in 2000. He gained his Master Apprentice Certificate while attending J.R. and J.B. Worsley's Master Apprentice Programme and holds an Advanced Teacher Training qualification from the Worsley Institute.

In 1993 he started the first ever NHS acupuncture service in the UK based at Kings College Hospital (London) working with patients with AIDS and terminal illnesses. At the same time he ran a successful private practice on London’s Harley Street where, on the back of helping people struggling to conceive, he was dubbed by the national press as the “Daddy of all Fertility Experts”.

In 2006 he opened Kite Clinic where he led a team of 12 practitioners performing over 10,000 treatments a year. In 2007 he founded the London Institute of Five-Element Acupuncture (LIFEA) where he personally trained his current team of practitioners and new apprentices.

In 2011 Gerad opened his Wimpole Street practice where he currently practices and teaches. In 2016 his first two books ‘Everything You Need You Have’ and ‘The Art of Baby-Making’ were published by Short Books. In October 2020 Gerad launched Yellow Path, his Five-Element acupuncture training programme with original, online lecture material.

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What is the vision for Yellow Path?

Yellow Path is our vision of sharing this ancient wisdom and practice with as many people as possible. We know that Five-Element acupuncture plays a significant and impactful role in dealing with the problems we face in the world today.

Our original filmed lectures, Zoom classes and in-person workshops continue as an oral tradition, even in this increasingly virtual age. This mix of teaching mediums provide an opportunity for our international community to come together and hold the spirit of this medicine and deliver its power.

Meet the Yellow Path team


Gerad Kite

Director & Acupuncturist

Gerad Kite is an Acupuncture Master (Ac.M) with 30 years clinical experience. He is a recognised leader in the field of infertility, an author of two (health related) books and is an internationally respected practitioner and teacher of Five-Element Acupuncture.

Johnny Childs

Clinical Director and Acupuncturist

Johnny is a licensed acupuncturist (Lic.Ac) and apprenticed under Gerad Kite. He currently works alongside Gerad at the Wimpole Street clinic, and while welcoming patients with all kinds of symptoms, he is an expert in providing acupuncture treatment for people looking for help with fertility.

Caroline Hammond (Lic.Ac.) (M.AFEA)

Academic Support & Acupuncturist

After over 30 years working in education, Caroline, having witnessed the rewards of acupuncture for herself, decided to add to her skill set by training as a Five-Element acupuncturist. She has always had an interest in helping people, through education and now with acupuncture and her role at Yellow Path as academic support perfectly blends these two passions along with her long experience. Caroline has her own acupuncture practice in Havant, Hampshire and is the main academic support for all of our students and a support to the mentors.


Mia Kawada (Lic.Ac.) (M.AFEA)

Acupuncturist, Supervisor & Mentor

Mia Kawada graduated with distinction from the London Institute of Five-Element Acupuncture (Lifea) where she trained under Gerad Kite for 3 years. After the graduation Mia was one of the graduates hired to work at the Gerad Kite clinic and has been a full time member of the team ever since. She is part of the teaching team and a mentor to past and current students.

Grace Elliston (Lic.Ac.) (M.AFEA)

Acupuncturist, Supervisor & Mentor

Grace trained as a Five Element Acupuncturist in 2016 on the first of Gerad & Johnny's new licentiate course. She has since gone on to found The Elements Project with her partner and friend Georgie Ireland. Together they run a burgeoning practice in South London dealing primarily with the mental and spiritual wellbeing of millennials. Furthermore, Grace helped turn the dream of Yellow Path into a reality by spearheading the creation of this site.

Georgie Ireland (Lic.Ac.) (M.AFEA)

Acupuncturist, Supervisor & Mentor

Georgie trained as a Five Element Acupuncturist in 2017 on the second of Gerad & Johnny's new licentiate course. She has since gone on to found The Elements Project with her partner and friend Grace Elliston. Together they run a burgeoning practice in South London dealing primarily with the mental and spiritual wellbeing of millennials.

The Mentoring Programme

You are supported throughout your training with your own mentor for each of our four modules.

What is the Yellow Path promise?

  • Provide clear, dynamic and accurate information and transmit the spirit of this ancient oral tradition

  • Provide a strong and supporting community for students, practitioners and patients

  • Encourage the humility of life-long learning and create a positively challenging environment for practitioners to grow and thrive

  • Have a true and sustaining impact on the world


to uphold the virtues of the Five Elements

  • The Benevolence of Wood

    To share the wisdom of this ancient lineage and encourage its future growth.

  • The Propriety of Fire

    To communicate the teachings with respect, kindness and love.

  • The Integrity of Earth

    To provide the means and support to everyone who steps up to be a part of this tradition.

  • The Righteousness of Metal

    To uphold the spirit of this tradition and defend its unique value through good practice.

  • The Wisdom of Water

    To know that our contribution is one small drop in an ocean of immense knowledge and experience. We all have our part to play.