Our tradition

The lineage model

Mastery follows a linear path. There are no shortcuts to greatness, but even one short period of weekly study is enough to get you there! Around 2600BC, the Yellow Emperor, while in a dialogue with his physician, Qi Bo, said: "unravel this therapy for future generations and enlighten them in the proper methods … easy to use, difficult to forget.” We hope to inspire and support you with easy and clear instruction and provide practical learning opportunities that will help you become the best practitioner you could ever hope to be. Our filmed lectures (available 24/7), clinical skills practice and a library of case-studies bring this tradition to life!

Private Point Location Lessons

Half-day point location lessons can also be organised outside the times in the calendar. £250 per half day (9.30am - 1pm). Maximum 6 students.


“Gerad and Johnny are extraordinary teachers. Their absolute passion, deep wisdom and eloquence lit the flame in each of us to become humble servants of this incredibly powerful and beautiful ancient healing art.”

Julia Rookby

“Gerad’s teaching is passionate, simple yet extremely profound and practical. The learning style is so experiential - it’s such a treat for the heart. I am still in awe at how it has helped me build confidence with hands-on skills in the shortest possible time.”

Yiye Zhang