Original Online Films and Live Workshops

"Unravel this therapy for future generations and enlighten them in the proper methods…easy to use, difficult to forget.” Yellow Emperor c2600BC

We are delighted to honour this ancient request from the father of Five-Element acupuncture by making these teachings available in a format that meets the needs of today’s budding masters.


Events and Workshops

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Postgraduate Five-Element Acupuncture Learning

with our postgraduate learning options there's something for everyone

  • Expansive Film Library

    Access to 'film bundles' (supported by CPD, CEU's & PDA's - application pending). Individual films can be purchased but not supported by certificates.

  • In Person Events

    Evening, day and weekend in-person workshops covering point location and all other subject areas.

  • Live Discussions

    Monthly live Zoom Q&A with Gerad Kite and other senior practitioners where you can post questions in advance and on the day.

  • Patient Case Studies

    Monthly filmed, patient case study to help with diagnosis and treatment planning.

Why is postgraduate learning so important?

It is not enough to create a portfolio of information and believe we have finished learning about this system of medicine. The depth of what we can learn and know is limitless.

We must actively participate in this process by investing in post graduate study and humbly working with patients in a reflective manner. Revisiting the core theory and consciously honing our sensory skills is essential in mastering our role as practitioner. It is through this ongoing process that we truly serve ourselves, our patients and the tradition as a whole.

Yellow Path's postgraduate training supports you in reaching your full potential by gaining a deeper understanding of this system of medicine and yourself.


“Gerad and Johnny are extraordinary teachers. Their absolute passion, deep wisdom and eloquence lit the flame in each of us to become humble servants of this incredibly powerful and beautiful ancient healing art.”

Julia Rookby

“Gerad’s teaching is passionate, simple yet extremely profound and practical. The learning style is so experiential - it’s such a treat for the heart. I am still in awe at how it has helped me build confidence with hands-on skills in the shortest possible time.”

Yiye Zhang